With 3 albums, 11 singles, more than 40 million streams on Spotify, and 8 million views on YouTube, Swedish alternative rock band, SMASH INTO PIECES, recently released their 4th studio album, “EVOLVER”. With this release, Smash Into Pieces continues their quest for world domination. Their previous album, “Rise & Shine” (2017), saw their success grow internationally with massive touring that would spawn many new fans across the globe. With over 500,000 monthly listeners across digital platforms and 150,000 streams per day, they have established themselves as one of the most interesting new and upcoming rock bands from Sweden. 


Smash Into Pieces originally made their big breakthrough in their home country of Sweden in 2015 with their second album, “The Apocalypse DJ”, which would lead to the growth of their audience on an international level. Between 2015 and 2018, the band would see several world tours supporting bands like Skillet, Alter Bridge, Within Temptation, Halestorm, and Amaranthe, to name a few.


In January-March 2017, Smash Into Pieces would go on their first North American tour with 26 shows across the United States and Canada supporting multi-platinum selling artist, Amaranthe. The band would gradually build radio support from several regional & statewide rock radio stations during the tour, including an appearance on Sirius satellite radio, and inclusion on the biggest Spotify playlist in the world, “ROCK THIS”. With the growing activity stateside, InVogue Records signed the band in early 2018 for the North American territory (European territory continues to be handled by Gain/Sony Music). 

In April of 2018, they released the single “Superstar In Me” (their first single through InVogue), followed quickly by the second single, “Ride With U”, in June, which had an enormous impact on social media and with Spotify streaming with nearly one million streams in the first month of release (with almost half of the listeners being in the North American territory). In early October, the band launched their 4th album (their first official North American release for InVogue), “EVOLVER”, accompanied by a video for the powerful song, “In Need of Medicine”. The release of “EVOLVER” has been a huge success for the band as it has already surpassed 4.2 million streams worldwide, including 1.2 million streams in the United States alone.

With 40 confirmed European shows spanning across 11 countries in the fall and winter of 2018, and plans to return to North America in 2019, Smash Into Pieces are facing a very hectic but bright future. 

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  • 40 million streams on Spotify, including 8 million streams in North America

  • 8 million views on YouTube, including 2.8 million views in North America

  • 450,000+ Monthly Listeners on Spotify, including 151,000 monthly listeners in North America

  • 150,000 streams per day across all digital platforms



Smash Into Pieces - Bochum, Germany

Smash Into Pieces - Munich, Germany

Smash Into Pieces - Salt Lake City, USA 

Smash Into Pieces - Wetzikon, Switzerland 

Smash Into Pieces - Budapest, Hungary


Evolver (2018)

Rise and Shine (2017)

The Apocalypse DJ (2015)

Unbreakable (2013)

In Need Of Medicine 

Ride With U

Superstar In Me

Radioactive Mother (Lover) 

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Management (North/South America)

Jeff Keller, The Artery Foundation



Label (North America)

InVogue Records, Nick Moore




Gain Music, Markus Tagris


+46 (0) 705 55 60 52

Booking (Europe)

Pelle Thiedmann

Dragon Productions


Booking (Sweden)

Isak Snow, CMG


+46 (0) 702 94 82 58

Booking (Finland)

Carolin Büttner

Nem Agency


Booking (Norway)

Jon Enger

Live Wire Booking