Smash into Pieces new album "EVOLVER” will hit your mind like a bullet of inspiration and creativity, making your synapses take you for a ride!

A unique flavour of Rock, Pop and Electro! 



With three full length albums, eleven released singles and numerous soldout tours through Scandinavia, Europe, North America and Japan the mystical four piece modern rock band from Sweden has put their name on the map. 

The release of *RISE AND SHINE* (SMASH third studio album, Jan 2017) made the band excel to a new level… it made them RISE and SHINE. With critics and media being skeptic about the band, their new sound and what to expect from the modern blend of the raw rock sound mixed with electro twangs it was far from obvious at the time that it would turnout as well as it eventually did. Six months later the band had covered almost 100 interviews, reviews and made their way into the Scandinavian album & single charts, accumulating millions of streams with the two top tracks from the album ’HIGHER* and *MERRY GO ROUND*. The band continued to grow rapidly during 2017 increasing from 16 million streams & 80 000 monthly listeners on Spotify to an astonishing 30 million streams & 220 000 monthly listeners. 

During the autumn of 2017 Smash Into Pieces and their very good friend Jay Smith (AKA: Swedish Idol-winner) partnered up in the studio which resulted in the ”SMASHING hit single *BOOMERANG*. With the song passing three million streams, also appearing in several commercials and reaching chart placements in Scandinavia it fast became one of Smash Into Pieces top tracks. 

With the new year (2018) Smash Into Pieces entered a new phase as a four piece group, signing a record deal for North America with the American label In Vogue Records. With multiple headline shows relieved by working around the clock in the studio trying to meet the deadline for the recording of their fourth studio album the band have been truly busy. With the mission accomplished (finishing the album) in the first week of June SMASH released their most successful single of their career yet: *RIDE WITH U*. Barely a month after the release of the song it's pushing towards 1 million streams with placements on several of the worlds biggest rock playlists (among others the ROCK THIS list) and up to 500 000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Followed up with airtime in Sweden, Us, Germany, Uk and many other European countries the band have played roughly 20 sold-out shows in 2018. In Sept & Oct SMASH will pound the pavement in Scandinavia partly with their label buddies in Hardcore Superstar and in Nov & Dec the long awaited European Tour with no other than the multiplatinum selling friends in tAKIDA (Nov-Dec 2018) awaits. 

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16 Aug. 2018
450 000 Monthly listeners


The Apocalypse DJ (Album, 2015)

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Smash Into Pieces - Boomerang ft. Jay Smith

Smash Into Pieces - Let Me Be Your Superhero 



Evolver (2018)

Rise And Shine (2017)

The Apocalypse DJ (2015)

Unbreakable (2013)


In Need Of Medicine (2018)

Ride With U (2018)

Superstar In Me (2018)

Radioactive Mother (Lover) (2017)

Boomerang (2017)


Magnus Lundback