Who makes us tick... 

Every band needs them, every show is made possible by them, we couldn't survive without them... the CREW!


There isn't a technical problem he can't solve. He is the solution to every impossible task.
From programming lights, to repair & construct nightliners there isn't much Mikael can't do. 
Have you ever come across a problem you just can't solve? For instance when the tv-remote just stops working and you try your hardest to solve the problem for 20 miniuts but you just can't fix it. Then your friend shows up and just hits the power button and the tv starts working... Well thats Mikael...only difference is that it applies for EVERYTHING that runs, roles, walks, flash or is running on any kind of power....! 

(Light technician)


He's the most heartwarming, kind and helpful guy you can imagine. Emil is that person, who even if he doesn't have time to lend you a hand, asks you if you need some help. 
Earning the nickname "Mr Green" isn't without a reason, just like Chris-Adam, Emil dosen't want to pick a side if there's a debate, he's also impossible to provoke and he has a patience that's out of this world! Even if he isn't the most noisy person in the room he's bringing the biggest sound to the show, he make's us sound like SMASH INTO PIECES! 

(Sound engineer)


(The driver) 

He's the reason we're all alive! 
Panzer Pack, he has no limit, he can drive 20 hours straight without; saying a word, barely eating anything, or without having slept anything at all ... however he has a one week spot, it's NOCCO...! Just like Emil there's nothing that can upset this guy part from if you touch his Nocco...! If you do you must be ready to suffer the consequences which are to become chased by a 20 ton big steel monster drivven by PANZER PACK! 


very band needs a daddy... beeing the tourmanager of SIP is to be Someone who's in charge of the situation, not leaving it all up to four creative souls....who knows where the band would end up if not Fredrik where there to take control of the situation!  
Earning the nickname MCRACK.... Ah no, scratch that... there's no logical explanation to the nickname what so ever, so we'll just leave it with explaining the meaning of it... Fredrik have never, ever cracked while on tour, even though he have been pressured beyond all reasonable workload he have always stayed true to the course, the mission and gotten the job done!